St. Gallen, Stiftsbibliothek Cod. 213

s. VIIImed

CLA VII, 922
184 pp.

Palimpsest. Text is written on a manuscript from the fifth century with Lactantius, Divinae Institutiones (CLA VII, 923)

Description/images on CESG

pp. 5-150 
Gregory I, Dialogi
MS G in ed. SC 260/265
pp. 151-155
Ps.-Augustine, Sermo 104
PL 39, col. 1947-1949
pp. 155-157
Incipit Admonitio Sancti Fausti = Ps.-Augustine, Sermo 110
PL 39, col. 1963-1964
pp. 157-158
Ps.-Augustine, Sermo 251
PL 39, col. 2210
pp. 158-161
Omelia sancti agustini episcopi pascalis
not traced in PL
pp. 161-175
Isidore of Seville, De conversisis= Sententiae II, ch. 7-17 and 38-39
(according to Scherrer)
pp. 176-177
Inc. Asia ab oriente vocata....
Exp. et est vicis nobilis in inperio est capud provincie (breaks off)
Metrical treatise on geography
Similar in Paris, BN lat. 5091,
see Thomas Wright, Anecdota
, London 1844, pp. 101-104
pp. 178-179
Probationes pennae

p. 180
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  • Scherrer, Gustav, Verzeichniss der handschriften der Stiftsbibliothek von St. Gallen, Halle 1875, pp. 76-77 (on CESG).