Network for the Study of  Late Antique and
Early Medieval Monasticism

As a result of the sessions on Negotiating Monasticism in the Early Middle Ages at the 2011 Kalamazoo conference, we decided to establish a research network for scholars who work prmarily on the history of monasticism in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages. The purpose of this network is to facilitate the exchange of ideas and information and to encourage collaboration and discussion. We also organize conference sessions in Leeds and Kalamazoo.

Any scholar working on early monasticism (roughly within the first millennium A.D.) is invited to participate, particularly those working on Ph.D. projects and those in the early stages of their careers.

We publish a quarterly email newsletter with information about new publications and projects, upcoming events, and calls for support and collaboration. We also post information about recent publications, conferences, jobs and fellowships on this website.
Many members of the network have a page on

For more information or to join the network, please contact Albrecht Diem (

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(Sept. 13, 2020)

Philip Abbott (Stanford University)
            (department; academia)
            Research interests: reception of early Christian manuscripts, Syriac Christianity, asceticism, biblical interpretation, and the             construction of heresy in early Christianity

Emily Albu (University of California, Davis)
            (publications; department)
              Research interests: Medieval cartography and the Peutinger map, translation of the Casus Sancti Galli (in collaboration with Natalia Lozovski)

Kirsten Ataoguz
    (, publications)
    Research interests: Carolingian Art/Iconography, Churraethia

Lucy Barnhouse (Wartburg College, History)
           (; department)
            Research interests:

Jesse Billett (University of Toronto, Toronto School of Theology)
            (department; publications)

Lisa M. Bitel (University of Southern California Dornsife)
            Research interests: late antique/early medieval religion & the supernatural

Noah Blan (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)
            (; department)
            Research interests: medieval foodways, environmental history

Louise Blanke (University of Edinburgh)
        Research interests: Egyptian monasticism, monastic archaeology

Gordon Blennemann (Université de Montreal)
            (department; publications)
            Research interests: Early Medieval Burgundy, martydom, hagiography

Kayleen Bobbitt (Grace Christian University)
            Research interests:
Carolingian nunneries and manuscripts

Bruno Uchoa Borgongino
            Research interests:
race, ethnicity and the image of the ethiopians in monastic literature

David Brakke (Ohio State University, Columbus OH)
            (department; publications)
            Research interests: monasticism in late antiquity, Egypt, Shenoute of Atripe, Evagrius Ponticus

Paul A. Brazinski (Catholic University of America, Washington DC)
; publications)
            Research interests: Cappadocians, Byzantine, pilgrimage souvenirs

Alessia Brombin (Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani University in Tbilisi)
            Research interests: Spirituality; Palamas's theology; Greek Patristic Literature; John Chrysostom

Darlene L. Brooks Hedstrom (Wittenberg University, Springfield OH)
            (department; publications)
            Research interests: Monastic Archaeology in the Mediterranean World; Landscape Archaeology; Archaeology of Religion;
            Byzantine Archaeology of Monastic Settlements; Domestic Archaeology and Food Consumption Habits

Scott Bruce (Fordham University)
            (department;; publications)
            Research Interests: Cluniac Monasticism, Hagiography, Latin Poetry

Frater Héctor Manuel Calderón Muńoz (Pontifical Gregorian University, Instituto di Spiritualitŕ)
            (manueloar [at]
            Research interests: Augustinianism and spirituality

Kenneth Carveley (College of the Resurrection, Mirfield)
            (College homepage)
              Research interests: Cistercian monasticism; Hugh of Fouilloy's Cloister of the Soul)
Béatrice Caseau (Université Paris-Sorbonne, Paris IV)

            (, department, publications)
            Research Interests: Byzantine monasticism

Domenico Cerami (Universita di Bologna)
            Research interests: Italian monasticism; monastic orders

Mattia Chiriatti (Universidad de Granada)

        Research interests: Byzantine monasticism, patristic studies

Renie Choy (St. Mellitus College, London)
            (; publications; department)
            Research interests: Monastic intercessory prayer

Martin Claussen (University of San Francisco)
            (department, publications)
            Research Interests: Carolingian monastic reforms, Benedict of Aniane

John-Henry Clay (Durham University)

    (, department, publications)
    Research interests: Anglo-Saxon monasticism, archeology

Isabelle Cochelin (University of Toronto)
    (, department, publications)
    Resarch interests: Monastic Customaries, Lifecycle, Entrance in monastery, Monastic Servants, Cluny

Lynda Coon (University of Arkansas)
            (department, publications)
            Research interests: Gender & Sexuality, Early Medieval Asceticism, Biblical Exegesis

Adrian Cornell du Houx
            Research interests: religion in the 10th and 11th centuries, lay sanctity, hagiography, pilgrimage

Thomas Cramer (Charles Wright Academy)
            (department; publications)
            Research interests: the social impact of religious institutions and theology in early medieval Europe; gender and authority.

Fabio Cusimano (Officina di Studi Medievali, Palermo)
            (Mediaeval Sophia; Officina di Studi Medievali;
f.cusimano [at]; publications)
            Research interests: Benedict of Aniane, Carolingian monasticism, Manuscript Studies, Digital Humanities

Jérémy Delmulle (Institut de Recherche et d'Histoire des Textes)
            Research interests: Prosper of Aquitaine, John Cassian, manuscript studies

Hendrik Dey (Hunter College, New York)
    (department, publications)
    Research interests: Monastic architecture, archeology

Albrecht Diem (Syracuse University)
    (academia edu, homepage, department, publications)
    Research interests: Monastic Rules, Irish monasticism on the continent, monastic hagiography, manuscript studies

Maximilian Diesenberger (Institute for Medieval Research, Austrian Academy of Science, Vienna)
           (department; publications)
            Research interests: Bavaria, hagiography, manuscript studies

Merle Eisenberg (Princeton University)
            Research interests: Gallic monasticism; sermons

Patricia Eshagh (California State University Stanislaus)
            (; department)
            Research interests: Egyptian monasticism; Coptic studies

Peter Erhart (Stiftsarchiv St. Gallen)
            Research interests: early Italian monasticism. Monasteries around the Lake of Constance

Mattheus Figuinha (Universidade Estadual de Campinas)
    (academia edu, publications)
    Research interests: monastic economy, Late Antique monasticism; Augustine’s monasticism and anti-Donatism

Paweł Figurski (Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of History, Faculty Member)
            Research interests: political theory, liturgy

Abigail Firey (University of Kentucky)
            (department; Carolingian Canon Law Project; publications)
            Research interests: legal history, textual transmission, the Carolingian Canon Law (CCL) project

Westley Follett (University of Southern Mississippi)
            (department;; publications)
            Research interests: Irish monasticism, hagiography, Céli Dé

Deanna D. Forsman (North Hennepin Community College)
            Research interests: Merovingian Francia; Late Antique Britain/England; Identity (as a situational construct); Community (and the roles foreigners play within them)

Yaniv Fox (Bar-Ilan University)
            (, publications)
            Research interests: Columbanian monasticism

Florian Gallon (Ecole des Hautes Etudes Hispaniques et Ibériques, Casa de Velazquez, Madrid)
            (; department; publications)
            Research interests: Iberian monasticism

Mary Garrison (Unversity of York)
            (department; publications)
            Research interests: Carolingian monasticism, Alcuin, manuscript studies)

Valerie Garver (Northern Illinois University)
            (department; publications)
            Resarch interests: textiles, women, gender, childhood, material culture

Cristian Gaşpar (Central European University, Budapest)
            (department; publications)
            Research interests: Hagiography, Theodoret of Cyrrus, Adalbert of Bremen

Inbar Graiver (Tel Aviv University)
            Research interests: asceticism, early monastic spirituality, late antiquity, and cognitive psychology

Matthew Gillis (University of Tennessee, Knoxville)
            (department; publications)
            Research interests: Gottschalk of Orbais; Carolinigan theology; Carolingian poetry

Thomas Granier (Université de Montpellier)
            (departement; publications)
            Research interests: Montecassino
            Project description

Jannis Grossmann (University of Vienna)
            (; publications)
            Research interests: Early monasticism, Pachomios, Hagiography (Greek, Coptic, Arabic), Christian Sinai

Zachary (Zack) Guiliano (Cambridge University)
            (; department)
            Research interests: manuscript studies; early medieval exegesis and preaching; Homiliary of Paul the Deacon; use and transmission of patristic literature

Justin Haar (University of Southern California)
            (department;; website)
            Research interests: Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Norman monasticism and hagiography

Symke Haverkamp (University of St. Andrews)
            Research interests: Augustine, Late Antique philosophy, Gottschalk, Eriugena

Julian Hendrix
    (, St. Gall Monastery Plan Project, publications)
    Research interests: monastic liturgy, commemoration of the dead, St. Gallen Monastery Plan, manuscript studies

Charles Hilken (St. Mary's College of California)
    (department, publications)
    Research intereststs: Chapter room, Benedictines, Beneventan minuscule

Stefan Hodges-Kluck (University of Tennessee at Knoxville)
            Research interests: The role of classical paideia in late ancient ascetic theory and praxis

Hans Hummer (Wayne State University)

    (, department, publications)
    Research interests: Merovingian/Carolingian political history, aristocracy, cartularies

Fausto Iannello (Universitŕ degli Studi di Messina)
            (faustoiannello [at]; publications)
            Research interests: Early Medieval Hagiography; Comparative Religion; Early Irish Christianity; Celtic Monasticism

Teemu Immonen (University of Helsinki)
           (; department; project description; publications)
            Research interests: Montecassino, hagiography, liturgy, pictorial arts

Karel Innemée (University of Amesterdam)
            Research interests: Coptic monasticism, mural paintings, monastic dress, monastic archaeology

Andrew Irving (University of Groningen)
            (; department)
            Research intrests: liturgy, Beneventan studies, manuscript studies, material culture

Johanna Jebe (Universität Tübingen)
            Research interests: Carolingian monasticism, manuscript studies, monastic rules

Mel Kapitan (University of Kentucky)
            Research interests: sound, silence, monastic identity and daily life

Grigory Kessel (Marburg University)
            Research interests: Syriac monasticism, Manuscript studies, transmission and reception history of monastic literature.
            (; publications)

Walter Kettemann
            (; walter.kettemann [at]; publications)
            Research interests: Early Medieval Monasticism, Prosopography, Carolingian Annals

John Kitchen (University of Alberta)
            (department; publications)
            Research interests: theory; methodology; theology; hagiography

Rutger Kramer (Institue for Medieval Research, Vienna)
            (institute; publications)
            Research interests: Carolingian monasticism, Benedict of Aniane

Jerry Lavin (Department of English University of New Mexico)
            Research interests: Monastic economy, Northumbrian monasteries

Paola Lavarini (Universitŕ degli Studi di Padova)
            Research interests: Monastic exile in late antiquity and the early middle ages

Daniel Lemeni (West University of Timisoara, Romania)
            Research interests:
Estern Orthodox Theology and Spirituality; Desert Fathers; Ascetic writers

Mante Lenkaityte (University of Fribourg)
          (; publications)
           Research interests: early Latin monastic literature, monastery of Lérins

Victoria Leonard (University of London, Institute of Classical Studies)
            Research interests:
Late Antique historiography, asceticism, gender, and the body

James LePree (City College of New York)
            Research interests: Monastic Rules, Marovingian/Carolingian monasticism
           (publications - project description Smaragdus, Via Regia)

Lorenzo Livorsi (
University of Reading)
            Research interests: Venantius Fotunatus; Martin of Tours

Jorge López Quiroga (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)
            Research interests: Iberian monasticism; monastic archaeology

Natalia Lozovsky (visiting scholar at the University of California-Berkeley)
            Research interests: early medieval education, especially in the "sciences", transl. of the Casus Sancti Galli (collaborative project)

Hubertus Lutterbach (University of Duesburg-Essen)
            (department; publications)
            Research interests: sexuality, penitentials, theology

Michael Martin (Fort Lewis College)
            Research interests: Carolingian Sermon Literature, Hiberno-Latin exegesis/studies, the Italian Homiliary, archaeology

Artemio Manuel Martínez Tejera (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)
            (; publications)
            Research interests: Iberian monasticism; monastic archaeology and architecture

Bernadette McCarthy (University College, Cork)
            Research interests: Irish monasticism; monastic archaeology)
            (; publications)

Ksenia Medvedeva (National Research University - Higher School of Economics (HSE), Moscow)
            Research interests: Coptic monasticism; Russian Orthodox female monasticism
            (; department)

Sven Meeder (Utrecht University)
            Research interests: canon law
           (home page; publications)

Rob Meens (Untrecht Univeristy)
            (department; publications)
            Research interests: Penitentials

Matthieu van der Meer (Syracuse University)
            (department;; publications)
            Research interests: Latin philology, manuscript studies, commentaries to the Regula Benedicti, medieval education, Platonism

Ekaterini Mitsiou (Institute for Byzantine Studies, Vienna)
           Research interests: Byzantine monasticism, double monasteries, female monasticism
            (academia edu; publications; cv)

Renáta Modráková (Department of Manuscripts and Early Printed Books National Library of the Czech Republic)
            Research interests: monastic libraries, manuscript studies, female monasticism, monasticism in Bohemia and Central Europe

Paola Molinatto (Genova University)
            Research interests: Sovereignty in contemporary political philosophy (Foucault, Derrida, Agamben), Institutional theory (french pragmatic Sociology, Boltanski), Roman             Law, monastic rules, early christianity.

Francisco J. Moreno Martín (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)
            Research interests: Spanish monasticism; monastic architecture; monastic archeology
             (; publications)

Hildegund M
üller (Notre Dame University)
            (department; publications)
            Research interests: Latin; Augustine; sermons

Krista Murchinson (University of Leiden)
            (department; homepage)
            Research interests: confession, vernacular reigious literature, and penitential manuals

David Natal Villazala
            (facebook; publications)       
            Research interests: Italian monasticism, Ambrose, monastic theology

Meta Niederkorn-Bruck (Institut für Österreichische Geschichsforschung/University of Vienna)
           (department; institute; publications on early medieval topics)
            Research interests: Liturgy, hagiography, music, paleography, martyrologia

Christian Nyampeta (Goldsmith College, London)
            (department; project)
            Research interests: Idiorrhythmy as found in the practices of anchorites

Alex O'Hara (Institute for Medieval Research, Vienna)
            (; publications)
            Research interests: Columbanian monasticism, Spanish monasticism)

Artur Obluski (Centrum Archeologii Śródziemnomorskiej)
            (research project;; department)
            Research interests: Nubian monasticism; monastic archeology

Father Leonard-Daniel Oltean (EHES, Paris)
            (daniel.oltean [at]
            Research interests: Byzantine monasticism, rules, typica, internal life in monasteries

James Palmer (University of St. Andrews)
            Research interests: Carolingian and Anglo-Saxon hagiography, apocalyptic traditions

Krijn Pansters (Tilburg University)
            (; publications)
            Research interests: spirituality, virtues, rules

Christodoulos Papavarnavas (Universität Wien)
            Research interests: Monastic space, acts of martyrs

Fernand Peloux (Université Toulouse II-le Mirail)
            (department; publications)
            Research interests: bishops and monasteries in early medieval Languedoc

Elaine Pereira Farrell (University College Dublin/Utrecht University)
            Research interests: Penitential literature and monastic rules
            (; Dublin; Utrecht; Penitential project.

Lorenzo Perrone (Universitŕ di Bologna)
            (department; cv; publications)
            Research interests: Palestinian monasticism; Byzantine monasticism; Biblical exegesis

Greg Peters (Biola University)
            (department; publications)
            Research interests: monastic spirituality, the Rule of Benedict, relationship of monasticism to lay persons and reform movements

Warren Peze (Université Paris I - Panthéon-Sorbonne)
                (; publications)
                Research interests: Gottschalk of Orbais, Carolingian theology, heresies, manuscript studies)

Richard Pollard (UCLA/St. Gallen monastery plan-project)
           (;; publications)
            Research interests: Carolingian literary culture, especially in northern Italy. Heito’s Visio Wettini

Matthew Ponesse (Ohio Dominican University)
            (department; project description Smaragdus, Via Regia; publications)
            Research interests: Carolingian monasticism, Smaragdus of St. Mihiel

Michaela Puzicha OSB (Institutes für Benediktinische Studien, Salzburg)
            Research interests: Regula Benedicti; monastic rules; Benedictine monasticism)

Daniel Price (University of Toronto)
              Research interests: Hagiography, Gaul, Popular Piety, Exegetical Typology, Materiality.

Corinna Prior (University of Toronto)
            Research interests: Carolingian monasticism

Violeta Pușca
șu (University "Dunarea de Jos", Galati)
            (contact information; publications)
              Research interests: geographic aspects of monasticism, romanian (orthodox) monasteries (tipology, location) - urban vs isolated monasteries

Janneke Raaijmakers (Utrecht University)
            Research Inerests: Carolingian monasticism, relics, material culture
            (publications; department)
Claudia Rapp (University of Vienna)
            (publications; department)
            Research interests: Byzantine monasticism; hagiography

Ingrid Rembold (Hertford College, Oxford)
            (; department; publications)
            Research interests: Carolingian monasticism, monastic immunities)

Katja Ritari (Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies)
            (; department)
            Research interests: Early Irish Christianity, Irish hagiography and monasticism, conversion and Christianization

Philip Rousseau (Catholic University of America)
            (publications; department)
            Resarch interests: Early Christianity; Late Roman history; Ascetic culture

Samuel Rubenson (Lund University)
            (department; publications)
            Research interests: Early Monasticism and Classical Paideia

Annika Rulkens (University of Amsterdam)
            (department; publications)
            Research interests: Monastic architecture, Carolingian monasticism, perceptions of space

Christian Sahner (Princeton University)
           Research interests: Early Islamic History; Martyrdom; Muslim views of Christian monasticism
            (; publications)

Jordina Sales-Carbonell (University of Barcelona)

            Research interests: Iberian monasticism; archaeology of monasticism

Benjamin Saltzman (Univ. of Chicago)
             (, home page, Department, publications)
             Research intereststs: Anglo-Saxon monasticism

Caroline Schroeder (University of the Pacific)
            Research interests: Egyptian mnasticism, children in monasteries, Shenute of Atripe, gender studies
            (home page; department; publications)

Grace Stafford (University of Oxford)
            Research interests: female monasticism in the early middle ages

Blossom Stefaniw (Universität Halle-Wittenberg, Faculty of Theology)
            Research interests: Masculinity and asceticism in early Christianity, especially late Roman Egypt
            (; publications; department)

Jane Tibbetts Schulenburg (Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison)
            (department; publications)
            Research interests: Female Monasticism, Hagiography, Monastic space, Medieval embroidery)

Helene Scheck (State University of New York at Albany)
            (department; publications)
            Research interests:  intellectual culture; reform movements; women.

Alexandra Sheldon (Oxford University)
            Research interests:  Anglo-Saxon monasticism, burial archaeology, hagiography, Irish and Anglo-Saxon missions
Katherine Allen Smith (University of Puget Sound)
            Research interests: warfare (real and imagined) within monastic culture

Klazina Staat (University of Ghent)
            (; department)
            Research interests: Early Medieval Hagiography

Evina Steinova (Huyens Institute, The Hague)
            (; institute; publications)
            Research interests: early medieval knowledge economy, marginalia, florilegia

Columba Stewart (College of Saint Benedict/St. John's University; Hill Museum and Manuscript Library)
            (; publications)
            Research interests: Liturgical Studies; Theology; Manuscript Studies

Jerzy Szafranowski
            (; project)
            Research interests: late antique and early medieval Gallic monasticism, ordination of monks, cult of saints

Erin Szydloski (Ohio State University)
            Research interests: Masculinity and Purity; Anglo-Saxon monasticism

John Terry (University of Virginia)
            Research interests: Early Christianity, early med. monasticism, Anglo-Saxon and Carolingian conceptions of sacred space.

Paula Tutty (University of Oslo)
            Research interests: Coptic, Late Antique, Pachomian, and coenobitic monasticism

Mariël Urbanus (Utrecht University)
            Research interests: Carolingian monasticism; Hildemar of Corbie
            (; publications)

Steven Vanderputten (University of Gent)
            (departement; publications)
            Research interests: Monastic reforms, hagiography

Fotis Vasileiou (Open University of Cyprus)
            Research interests: Cappadocians, Pseudo-Nilos's "Narrationes", Family
            (academia edu; publications)

Francesco Veronese (Universitŕ degli Studi di Padova)
            (; university)
            Research interests: Early medieval hagiography, relic translations, Reichenau

Jelle Visser (Universiteit Utrecht)
            Research interests: hagiography, relics, medieval Latin, intellectual culture, monastic culture

Nicole Volmerding (Trinity College Dublin)
            Research interests: Old and Middle Irish language, medieval Irish literature, asceticism and eschatology

Marijana Vukovic (Central European University, Budapest)
            Research interests: Cassiodorus; hagiography

Susan Wade (Keene State College)
            Research interests: gender and early medieval monastic rules, monastic hagiography, and monastic dormitories.
            (department; publications)

Scott C. Wells (California State University, Los Angeles)
            Research interests:monasticism in East Francia/Germany; monastic concepts of history and sacred time; the body and embodiment, including relics

Joshua A. Westgard (University Libraries, University of Maryland, College Park)
            (; publications)
            Research interests: the manuscripts of Bede, digital applications for manuscript studies

John B. Wickstrom (Kalamazoo College)
            (department; publications)
            Research interests: Early medieval Benedictine life; the Carolingian cult of St. Maurus of Glanfeuil

Michael Wuk (University of Lincoln)
        (; department)
        Research interests: late-antique monasticism, 'onastic initiations, obligation, and social dynamics

Benjamin Wheaton (University of Toronto)
            Research interests: Venantius Fortunatus; sixth-century Francia, monastic theology

Deborah White (University of Glasgow)
            Research interests: monastic rules, gender, Anglo-Saxon monasticism

Sarah Whitten
            (; department; publications)
            Research interests: Southern Italy, law, historiography, violence

Robert Wisniewski (University of Warsaw)
            Research interests: Late antique monasticism; hagiography;
miracles and prophecy
            (; publications)

Jamie Wood (University of Lincoln)
            (; department; publications)
            Research interests: Wisigothic monasticism

J. Clare Woods (Duke University)
            (CV; department; publications)
            Research interests: Hrabanus Maurus; manuscript studies; early medieval intellectual networks

Victoria Worth (UMASS Amherst)
            (vkworth [at] gmail . com)
            Research interests: female monasticism, women writers, manuscript culture, Anglo-Saxon history

Zachary Yuzwa (Cornell University)
            Research interests: Sulpicius Severius; Augustine; Medieval Latin

Bernhard Zeller (Institute for Medieval Research, Vienna)
            (institute; publications)
            Research interests: St. Gallen, charters, manuscript studies)

Alfons Zettler (University of Dortmund)
            (department; publications)
            Research interests: monastic archeology, Reichenau, literacy, necrologies

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