Caesarius of Arles, Epistolae ad Sanctimoniales

Epistola 'Vereor'

CPL 1010

Incipit: Vereor, venerabiles in Christo filiae, ne, dum vobis per conservanda...

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  • Patrologia Latina, vol. 67, col. 1128C-1135C (female version) and col. 1154C-1160D (male version)
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The text is preserved in a female and a male version with very few differences in content.

Arles, Bibliothèque municipale 14 s. XVII pp. 513-524
female version catalogue
Cambridge, Queens College 3
(Horne 16)
s. XII fol. 87v-92
male version catalogue
Grenoble, Bibliothèque municipale 306
s. XII fol. 98-107, verify
Ms. G3 male version catalogue
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male version
London, British Library Royal 5 F.x
fol. 15-
male version description/image
London, Lambeth Palace 353
fol. 64v

Marseille, Bibliothèque municipale 244 s. XIV fol. 101-
male version,
ascr. to Augustine
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s. VIIIex no. 3, not verified destroyed Epistola Caesarii
ad monachos
Milano, Biblioteca Ambrosiana C 79 Sup. s. XII fol. 98-107 Ms. G2 male version catalogue; combined with
Diadema monachorum
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fol. 69-76
male version catalogue
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Ms. G1     
male version
catalogue; microfilm
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male version catalogue; microfilm
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fol. 37v (57v?)-59v
Ms. K6 female version
see Rudge, Texts
and contexts, pp. 149-157
; catalogue; image
Tours, Bibliothèque publique 617
fol. 12
Ms. T female version   
manuscript is lost,
text can be reconstructed on the basis of ed. Morin;
Trier, Stadtbibliothek 529
s. XV
fol. 173

male version
Vatican, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana Reg. lat. 140 s. IXin   fol. 123v-129v     Ms. K2

female version image

Sections of this letter appear in Caesarius' Rule for Monks, Defensor's Liber Scintillarum, and in the Institutio sanctimonialum, c. 5, MGH Conc. Karol. 1, pp. 434-437.