Caesarius of Arles, Epistolae ad Sanctimoniales

Epistola 'Vereor'

CPL 1010

Incipit: Vereor, venerabiles in Christo filiae, ne, dum vobis per conservanda...

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The text is preserved in a female and a male version with very few differences in content.

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female version catalogue
Cambridge, Queens College 3
(Horne 16)
s. XII fol. 87v-92
male version catalogue
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s. XII fol. 98-107, verify
Ms. G3 male version catalogue
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male version
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male version description/image
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fol. 64v

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male version,
ascr. to Augustine
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s. VIIIex no. 3, not verified destroyed Epistola Caesarii
ad monachos
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Diadema monachorum
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Ms. G1     
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catalogue; microfilm
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see Rudge, Texts
and contexts, pp. 149-157
; catalogue; image
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fol. 12
Ms. T female version   
manuscript is lost,
text can be reconstructed on the basis of ed. Morin;
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s. XV
fol. 173

male version
Vatican, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana Reg. lat. 140 s. IXin   fol. 123v-129v     Ms. K2

female version image

Sections of this letter appear in Caesarius' Rule for Monks, Defensor's Liber Scintillarum. Large parts (from ch. 2 onwards) appear the Institutio sanctimonialum, c. 5, MGH Conc. Karol. 1, pp. 434-437.